Leap Years believes every child is special, some have special needs.

We aim to integrate children with autism and related disabilities into mainstream – in school and/or society. To that end, we are committed to providing affordable and quality early education.

Children with special needs undoubtedly need individual attention. Equally important are specific but flexible IEPs – an area where well-meaning inclusive pre-schools and Montessori Houses of Children are found lacking. The need for an exclusive centre that will bring the benefits of pre-school education and Montessori Method to children with special needs is undeniable. Hence Leap Years.

With an emphasis on cognitive development, our method of teaching combines elements of Montessori philosophy and structured teaching. In addition, Leap Years targets to fulfil the unique educational, social and communication needs of children with autism.

Program schedule

Monday - Friday

Early Education
10 am - 3 pm

Monday - Wednesday

Academic Support: After-school remedial program for children with ASD and learning disabilities

Fluent Readers:
Reading programm for children for all ages and abilities