Our program is designed keeping in mind the learning characteristics unique to autism :

  1. Preference for processing visual information (compared to difficulties with auditory processing,particularly of language)
  2. Attention to details but difficulty understanding the whole picture
  3. Concrete thinking
  4. Difficulty with organizing and sequencing thoughts
  5. Communication difficulties including impairments in the social use of language or Pragmatics
  6. Rigid attachment to routines
  7. Difficulties in generalization of learning
  8. Very narrow or strong interests
  9. Strong sensory preferences

Program schedule

Monday - Friday

Early Education
10 am - 3 pm

Monday - Wednesday

Academic Support: After-school remedial program for children with ASD and learning disabilities

Fluent Readers:
Reading program for children for all ages and abilities

Early Years

At Leap years, we integrate several methodologies and approaches drawing upon Montessori philosophy with the ultimate aim of helping every child become school - ready.

Leap Years program is a well-rounded process to inculcate fundamental skills of language, arithmetic,daily living, grace and courtesy.

We also have a small kitchen with a stove to teach simple cooking. Exercises in practical life, Integral to a Montessori environment, will be extended to field visits to supermarkets, parks and other public places of relevance.

Multimedia equipment such as android and tablets are used sparingly to enhance the learning experience of the child.

Young children with autism are required to attend multiple therapy sessions.

Leap Years is open to co-ordinating with other therapists to develop a comprehensive IEP and ensure holistic learning..

Regular consultation sessions between parents and teachers ensure a continuity of learning experience across school and home environments.

Leap Years Program


Learning Readiness

  • Sitting tolerence
  • Joint attention
  • One-step Instruction
  • Eye Contact



  • Motor Development
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Object Manipulation
  • Play Skills



  • Sight Reading
  • Number concepts
  • Social Skills
  • Communication
  • Controlled Movement
  • Academics